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Care for our Cows

An initiative by Indian Institute of Animal Welfare


Adopt a cow & calf at 4000 per month



Indian Institute of Animal Welfare (IIAW) provides shelter and care to the aged, slaughter-rescued, debilitated, infertile, accident-hit, cancer-stricken and infirm cows. Once these animals come under the IIAW fold, they are protected and taken care till their last breath.

Kamadhenu referred to as the “Cow of Plenty” and the “Mother of Cows” in certain versions of Hindu mythology, is believed to represent the generic sacred cow, regarded as the source of all prosperity.

COWS which have been worshipped by our ancestors for their holiness are the most neglected lot in these modern days. Milkmen draw every drop of milk out of their cows for money and just leave hem free to roam around and eat from the garbage. Sometimes they meet with accidents too because of speeding vehicles on the road. Once the cows become infertile they are mercilessly given away for slaughter.

Looking at the poor plight of these abandoned beings, it was Dr. Sadhana Rao who started rescuing and looking after them. This happened soon after she returned from London after completing her FRCS in the late seventies. To formalise her services she registered a Public Charitable Trust by name Indian Institute of Animal Welfare (IIAW) in the year 1988. She was blessed by none other than Sri Mahaperiyava of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam to serve the cows in their old age rather than treating humans for whom there were many in the field. She was blessed by the Pondichery Mother also from whom she took ‘sanyaas’.


IIAW, as a non-commercial cow shelter, faces a huge task, now, in caring for the 850 animals (750 cows + 100 bulls, calves and buffaloes) due to the increasing cost of cattle feed, hay and medicines.

At a conservative figure, IIAW needs at least Rs. 45,000 per day for cattle feed and hay alone. This is besides the wages for about 60 workers, medicines, administrative, and shelter maintenance expenses.

Orid Dhall Dust 7,250/-
Bran Flakes Rough 13,500/-
Bran Flakes Nice 5000/-
Cotton Seed Oil Cakes 2250/-
Fried Gram Husk 3900/-
Jaggery Bag 1500/-
Hay 1.5 ton 12,000/-

IIAW is acutely in need of contributions from compassionate hearts, animal lovers and philanthropists.

IIAW has a scheme by name Adopt an Aged Cow wherein you can contribute Rs 2500/- per month (Rs. 30,000/- for one year) towards the upkeep of a Cow & Calf and Rs. 4000/- per month (Rs. 48,000/- per year) for one cow and calf. IIAW has other schemes for donating towards cattle feed and hay which are given below.

You can also contribute in kind by paying directly to our fodder and hay suppliers. Your support through generous contributions to our Corpus Fund and urgent operational needs are also welcome. Please contact us to know further details.

IIAW is run ably and professionally under the leadership of Kamala Ramamurthy (wife of late V. Ramamurthy IAS (retd.), Chairperson of the Empowered Executive Committee and Trustees Dr. Vinod Surana and P.S. Surana of Surana and Surana International Attorneys and Capt. T R Muralidharan and Lalitha Muralidharan. These members, with expertise in various fields, are able to administer the affairs of the goshala efficiently.


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