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Kamadhenu referred to as the “Cow of Plenty” and the “Mother of Cows” in certain versions of Hindu mythology, is believed to represent the generic sacred cow, regarded as the source of all prosperity.

Looking at the poor plight of these abandoned beings, it was Dr. Sadhana Rao who started rescuing and looking after them. This happened soon after she returned from London after completing her FRCS in the late seventies. To formalise her services she registered a Public Charitable Trust by name Indian Institute of Animal Welfare (IIAW) in the year 1988. She was blessed by none other than Sri Mahaperiyava of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam to serve the cows in their old age rather than treating humans for whom there were many in the field. She was blessed by the Pondichery Mother also from whom she took ‘sanyaas’.

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7VRF+HFX, Capt .Muralidharan Gardens,
Venkatapuram ,Uthukkotai Taluk,
Katchur, Tamil Nadu 602026.

T: +91 98404 56623

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